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Time Reavers Cover v2 landing

Fed up with bad teachers and daily fights with her sister, sixteen-year-old Nicole Taylor yearns for something better. Sadly, she’s in for a letdown, because the world ends next week.

Nicole discovers she has a rare gift. She can bend time around her and even stop it completely. With her powers awakening, she must face the Reavers: horrific killing machines that exist outside our time.

Plagued with nightmares and ambushed by monsters at every turn, Nicole has one chance to stop their genocidal invasion. With help from a chain-smoking pyrokinetic, a neurotic sword-wielding assassin, and an icy goth chick with a crossbow, she may stand a chance.

But the Reavers are tireless foes, and Time is on their side.

Praise for Time Reavers


“After the fast opening, chapters rarely pass without a big, life-or-death battle, which leaves the novel in a nearly continuous intense state, which can be a bit overwhelming, though Holo’s clear descriptions prevent any confusion.”
– Kirkus Reviews

★★★★★ “A hell of a fun ride!”
Dab of Darkness Audiobook Reviews

★★★★ “Packed with action in nearly every chapter. If you enjoy fast-paced sci-fi/fantasy novels, you will really enjoy Time Reavers.”
Macarons and Paperbacks

“Action-packed, with characters that are interesting and a plot that kept me wanting to know more! I’m picky about science fiction, but this one sounded interesting, and I’m glad I gave it a try!”
Adventures Thru Wonderland

★★★★ “I thoroughly enjoyed this band of tau guards as they fought to save the world, all with a snarky sense of humor.”
Buried Under Books

About the author

Jacob Holo is a former-Ohioan, former-Michigander living in sunny South Carolina. He describes himself as a writer, gamer, hobbyist, and engineer. Jacob started writing when his parents bought that “new” IBM 286 desktop back in the ’80s. Remember those? He’s been writing ever since.

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