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Fueled by the Soul. Hunted by the Dead.

Seth Elexen and a small group of elite pilots have tracked the renegade Veketon to the far side of the galaxy. With only one ship and a single squadron of seraphs, they alone must face the tyrant within the heart of his growing power.

But Veketon is no easy mark. Through perverse sciences, he has been reborn as a pilot of terrifying power, and Quennin S’Kev, a woman Seth abandoned for all the wrong reasons, stands by his side and will defend him to the death.

Now Seth has one final desperate chance at success, but in order to get to Veketon, he must be willing to kill the only woman he has ever loved.

From national bestselling author Jacob Holo comes an action-packed read for fans of Gundam, Evangelion, Pacific Rim, and other kick-butt giant robot adventures!

Praise for Disciple of the Dead

★★★★★ “As always with stories by Jacob Holo, the plot is intricate and complex, but there is never a false step. Everything fits perfectly and works. I highly recommend Disciple of the Dead.” 
ChemTeach, Amazon Reviewer

★★★★★ “I enjoyed the whole series.” 
Sylvia Kubicek, Amazon Reviewer

★★★★★ “There’s a mixture of glee, and tragedy, and awe that I felt reading this. I ate this series up in only a week. Less actually. And I liked it.” 
Hen J A, Amazon Reviewer

★★★★★ “This has been an interesting odyssey. Truly enjoyable and hard for me to put down.” 
Siege, Amazon Reviewer

★★★★ “Giant mechs piloted in space battles, need I say more?” 
JSlan, Amazon Reviewer

About the author

Jacob Holo is a former-Ohioan, former-Michigander living in sunny South Carolina. He describes himself as a writer, gamer, hobbyist, and engineer. Jacob started writing when his parents bought that “new” IBM 286 desktop back in the ’80s. Remember those? He’s been writing ever since.

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